Released by MONOLITH on 12″ LP in May 2012, Farewell All Joy is an intense journey that brings to ferocious light the uglier sides of human experience. Brisbane’s IDYLLS balance astounding technical precision and an unbridled punishment across all instruments with a gnashing, multi-faceted vocal input. The 10 harrowing tracks warp 20 minutes through an insurmountable passage of time, with absolutely maniacal arrangements, grinding intensity, and sudden yet progressive drops in mood as key components.

MONOLITH also released the band’s sold out debut 7″ Amps For God/Plague Hell in September 2011, and digitally released the band’s split with Melbourne’s Palisades in July 2012.

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IDYLSS ‘Love As Dirge’ Official Music Video / 2011 from Her Name Is Murder Productions on Vimeo.