In Trenches


Having released their debut album Relive and Regret through Stomp Records in 2009, MONOLITH released In Trenches’ Sol Obscura 10″ in March 2012.

On their sophomore release the Melbourne conglomerate that is In Trenches returns a reworked, more advanced and specifically intensified beast. Without diverting from their overall dissonance and rhythmically complex approach, Sol Obscura sees the band having ventured deeper into heavy dirges and progressive compositions and returned with stunning results. Giant walls of guitar noise reach into the human psyche, with output flowing over 27 minutes across 5 unique tracks. Creations beyond any typical metal and hardcore structures flourish in gritty beauty, the five piece channelling rage through a moving and ultimately forward-thinking release that bites back at the frustrations of modern existence.

Featuring members of I Killed The Prom Queen, The Abandonment, Day of Contempt and more.

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In Trenches ‘An Impending Collapse’ Official Music Video / 2012 from Her Name Is Murder Productions on Vimeo.

IN TRENCHES – NEW RECORD 2012 TEASER from Ben Clement on Vimeo.