Nuclear Summer

nuclear summer

Nuclear Summer formed in Brisbane in mid 2010. The band released a demo before a full length album in November 2011 and a split with Melbourne’s Stockades in January 2013 through MONOLITH. The band completed multiple Australian tours, including one with Rosetta and City of Ships from the USA, before touring Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan in November/December 2012. Nuclear Summer also supported such international acts as Refused, Touche Amore, La Dispute, The Ocean, Restorations, and Ceremony. While some hold hopes high for the future and a final EP release is on the way, the band is currently inactive.

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Nuclear Summer – Endless Kickflips Forever from Col B Cadell on Vimeo.

Nuclear Summer ‘The Warrior Poet’ Official Music Video / 2011 from Her Name Is Murder Productions on Vimeo.