Quiet Steps


Despite years of brothers Leon and Robb jamming together in their garage, it wasn’t until 2006 that Quiet Steps properly took shape as the 3 piece indie-punk band that would define them. It was the addition of Bass Player, Josh, that introduced the missing ingredient bringing Quiet Steps in to a realm of their own.

A collection of songs were released in 2007 by Yellow Ghost records; the result was a live recorded self-titled 4 track EP with mostly jangly clean guitars and aggressive vocals.  After a couple of quick trips down to Melbourne and a lot of local shows including supporting bands such as The Temper Trap, Ampere, Daniel Striped Tiger, Bob Nanna and Off Minor, the band would spend the next couple of years writing a large batch of songs, paving a new direction and identity to the band’s unique sound. Recording and releasing their first full length ‘Think Aloud’ as a free download, it was  picked up and released in 2011 by two labels, Seaby Records (CD/Australia) and Listen to Aylin (12”/Norway).

Between in 2010 and 2012 the band were living together and writing from a house in Red Hilll, Brisbane; ‘Secular’ an 8 track record which was recorded and released during this period of time. Prior to this release, the band would embark on a South East Coast Tour of Australia, supporting Californian DIY Veterans, Comadre on their first Australian Tour.

Stripping away any preconceived notions or desired outcomes, the most recent group of songs were written in a jam room and built purely upon what ‘felt and sounded right at the time’. Along with this approach was a specific focus on vocal content. The songs take you on a journey, telling a story from the struggle of life to the struggle of death. This session resulted in ‘Dying Livers’, Sun Distorted, 6 tracks of fast paced, jagged, unrelenting dark yet melodic music which sadly progresses in a downward spiral, much like the inevitable course of life.


Contact: uda@monolithmonolith.com