Rolo Tomassi


The band, which was originally founded in Sheffield and is now based in Nottingham.

‘Astraea’ is the band’s first album since Nathan Fairweather and Chris Cayford joined the band at the end of 2011 and was recorded by Jason Sanderson. Jason was the man behind the band’s debut album ‘Hysterics’, and has worked with a host of other bands including 65 Days of Static and Brontide. ‘Astraea’ will hopefully cement Rolo Tomassi’s place as one of the most exciting and expansive bands in the British rock community.

The album includes some of the most direct, heaviest tracks the band has ever written including album opener Howl and Echopraxia, which sees the band at their most technical, as well as a number of songs that showcases the band’s melodic progressive side including Illuminare, which highlights the lighter beauty of Eva Spence’s vocals. The band will also release Ex Luna Scientia ahead of the album.

“At the first practice with Chris and Nathan, we demoed ideas for what would make a few of the songs that ended up on the album. It was a worry that it would take time to bed the new members in but the chemistry between us with writing was unbelievable. This album is exactly the direction I wanted to push the band I don’t think we could have done it without Chris and Nathan,” said James Spence, in post-Cosmology and Rolo Tomassi keyboardist and vocalist.

Lead singer Eva Spence said: “I’ve never felt this focused and involved with my input into a release as I have with this one. I’ve had more direct and certain ideas with the way that the vocals fit in each song and the melodies I’ve worked with, and the lyrics are more centered around one theme.”

“A lot has changed for me in this time, I felt like I’d made a big transition. In this time there had been a lot of ups and downs and big changes in all aspects of my life. I finished writing the lyrics to this album in the most positive state of mind I’ve ever been in. The themes I’ve written about are centered around light, positivity and growth through situations which seem far from hopeful,” she added.


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