Seahorse Divorce


Seahorse Divorce is a cautionary tale of the doomed love between an effeminate and foppish cane cutter and a down and out white collar bum.

Three counts of regional psycho basted in sweet chili sauce, two counts of bastardised metrophilistine shrink wrapped in microwaveable meal for one containers. Seahorse Divorce was born of the sun-addled sweat and dry boredom of Brisbane, Queensland; the biggest small town on the East Coast and a crucible of identity crisis, non-assimilation and harebrained creative notions that wouldn’t be entertained in the more sensible and civilised capitals. Drums, guitars, vocals, keys; certainly all of these are contained in what some discerning critics are dubbing ‘another one of ‘those’ bands’, and we hope that you, our noble audience, can at some point attend a show to make up your own minds, and perhaps even bless us with some sagely advice on what we could be doing better.

At some point in recent history, local bands have developed an untoward obsession with incorporating bodies of water into their names; perhaps this is a reflection of mankind’s affinity for the defiantly uninhabitable reaches and implacable forces of our dying earth, perhaps it’s simply an embarrassing hallmark of pedestrian bands destined to go nowhere. In any case we seek to honour that tradition, and so Seahorse Divorce is alive until it is dead, stumbling home drunk somewhere between lounge jazz, pop, early 00′s Dischord, They’re a Weird Mob, imperialist Mexican food chains and incongruously childish yelling.

LP out through Tenzenmen in June / On tour with Stockades June 21-29 2013.


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