Years of courtship between two of Australia’s finest, most gig-gnarled beasts has lead us to a cultural zenith of unparalleled awesomeness. Something never before seen in the world of vaguely animal-themed, negative bank balance, discount beer swilling metallic-post-woop-dee-fuckin-doo-core… such majestic creatures of underground royalty simply couldn’t resist the other’s magnetism any longer. In June 2013, Totally Unicorn and Robotosaurus are finally Together Alone.

It’s a long way to the top because rock ‘n’ roll. Adelaide’s Robotosaurus burst onto the strip in 2007 with the dual, conceptual Sayra Bahk EPs, following it up with their heaps brutal Manhunter album in 2008, and 2010’s – how do you say – ‘matured’ split with Coerce. Over in Wollongong, Totally Unicorn caught wind of what was cooking on the other side of the country and were like ‘shit, we better get representing’. The resulting Horse Hugger EP of 2010, 2011’s Totally Gay Dammit split with Gay Paris and God God Dammit Dammit, and 2012’s phallic Nine Inches vinyl release have kept the group consistently thrusting towards greatness.

With the playing field now leveled in 2013, Together Alone sees the bands occupying their heaviest (seriously) and most experimental (promise!) spaces yet. Released through a shady Brisbane-based unemployment agency that is known as MONOLITH, this heart-shaped record is to Robotosaurus and Totally Unicorn as Metallica is to Cliff Burton and Dave Mustaine. With 10” grooves pressed into a 12” shape, there will soon exist 350 of these naughty boys – 150 red with white splatter, 100 red, and 100 milky white pieces of vinyl. With two new tracks streaming, pre-orders with an instant download of the full release are available now through the newly revitalised and