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Genome 10″

by Coerce


In August 2012, Coerce went in to record their interim release 'Genome'. Setting a pop up recording studio, Coerce tracked in the Old Council Chambers in the Carlton Trades Hall on Lygon Street. A building rich of history, it provided the appropriate location and canvas in which Coerce were to record.

Genome's four tracks sonically explores a stripped bare "as is" approach in the recording/production process and musically travels back in time to where being "unsafe" really was ok.

Contextually Genome is somewhat of a concept release moving through the inner and outer contexts of Melbourne's city dwelling homeless. The days, the internal and external abuse, societal neglect and the circling drain.


  • 01. Flinders Court
  • 02. Genome
  • 03. The Rocks
  • 04. The Ceiling


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