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Grey Matter White Matter 12″/CD

by Sex Wizard


Imagine Black Sabbath and the Melvins making sweet love, producing a child and then forcing it to listen to punk rock – that child's name would be SEX WIZARD. With a line-up boasting veteran Australian hardcore-punk scene musicians who’ve played in bands like SHOTPOINTBLANK, JUNGLE FEVER, STOLEN YOUTH, I EXIST, ROBOTOSAURUS, A SECRET DEATH and THE RIVALRY – and with an ensemble that in part comprises two drummers and a vocalist that sings through a megaphone – Sex Wizard has brought its wall-of-noise live show to venues throughout Adelaide, as well as pubs, clubs and warehouses up and down the east coast, Sex Wizard have made ears ring and noses bleed, but have ultimately left punters begging for more. Formed in Sydney in 2008, the beast that is Sex Wizard now resides in Adelaide, a city from where its plans for world domination now take root amongst the thriving punk-rock scene and shape a destiny that will witness the Sex Wizard monolith consume all genres in its path. Released by Clarity Records in 2012.


  • 01. Freight Train
  • 02. Apocalypse
  • 03. Desperate Measure
  • 04. Pinocchio
  • 05. Devolution
  • 06. Man Child
  • 07. The Outside
  • 08. Vengeful God
  • 09. Just Like Poison
  • 10. Vultures
  • 11. Outro


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