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Monstrorum Historia 12″/CD

by Lo!


After their critically acclaimed debut album Look and Behold (Pelagic Records 2011), Lo!, hailing from Sydney, Australia, are now back with their second album Monstrorum Historia... and it really is a monster of an album, an angry beast spitting nails and fire in every direction. One of the refreshing things about this band is the way they weave different styles of music into their own, heavy garment: there are plenty of faster parts, relentlessly driven by heavy-hitting drummer Adrian Griffin's extraordinary playing, but there are also slow, doomy, atmospheric passages that suck the listener into Lo!'s dark cosmos. There are anthemic metal riffs, but there is also the energy of the more abrasive side of hardcore in their songs, represented by bands like Cursed or Black Breath...


  • 01. As Above
  • 02. Bloody Vultures
  • 03. Ghost Promenade
  • 04. Caruncula
  • 05. Haven, Beneath Weeping Willows
  • 06. Falles Leaves
  • 07. Crooked Path, the Strangers Ritual
  • 08. Lichtenberg Figures
  • 09. Bleak Vanity
  • 10. Palisades of Fire
  • 11. So Below (Before We Disappear)


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