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The Death 12″

by Mindsnare


Mindsnare’s fourth studio album The Death delivers ten tracks that push the boundaries of modern hardcore. Produced by the bands songwriter Beltsy and Superheist's DW Norton, the sound has set the new standard for Australian Hardcore. The band has at last found a sound that captures the ferocity of their live shows as well as production that sits high amongst the worlds standards. Drums are supplied by Frenzal Rhomb's Gordy Forman who pounds the skins like no other. As always the guitars up front and aggressive, Bass is booming and Matt's vocals sound far superior to everything that precedes this album. Pressing is on black vinyl through Resist Records.

Features a bonus track exclusive to vinyl, a cover of Motorhead’s Iron Fist.


  • 01. Bulldozed
  • 02. Serrated
  • 03. The Death
  • 04. Cold
  • 05. To The Boil
  • 06. The Web
  • 07. You Die Alone
  • 08. The Blood
  • 09. Two Reasons Why
  • 10. Betrayer


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