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The Destruction of Small Ideas 2xCD

by 65daysofstatic


The third studio album from UK electro-post-rock titans 65daysofstatic features some of their best work - dark, technical post-rock mixed with electronica and glitchy rock. Track 12 features a guest appearance from Circle Takes The Square. This edition includes a second disc which features rarities and and b-side tracks from the 'Don't Go Down To Sorrow' and 'The Distance and Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties' single releases. Originally released in 2007, Re-released by Bird's Robe Records in September 2012. 


  • 01. When We Were Younger and Better
  • 02. A Failsafe
  • 03. Don't Go Down to Sorrow
  • 04. Wax Futures
  • 05. These Things You Can't Unlearn
  • 06. Lyonesse
  • 07. Music is Music as Devices are Kisses Is Everything
  • 08. The Distana dn Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties
  • 09. Little Victories
  • 10. Primer
  • 11. White Peak/Dark Peak
  • 12. The Conspiracy of Seeds


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