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The Quietest Place on Earth 2 X 12″

by We Lost The Sea


The second album from Sydney's We Lost The Sea. Formed in 2007, friends came together to create a new collection of noise that incorporates relentless sludge with post-rock atmospherics with melody, dynamics and crushing heaviness and elements that hold up to the likes of ISIS, Mogwai and Sigur Ros. Released in December 2012 via Bird's Robe Records. RIP Chris Torpy.


  • 01. A Quiet Place
  • 02. Barkhan Charge
  • 03. With Grace
  • 04. Forgotten People
  • 05. Nuclear City
  • 06. A Day and Night of Misfortune I - Day
  • 07. A Day and Night of Misfortune II - Night


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