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This Microscopic War 12″

by A Death In The Family


Debut album from Melbourne band, A DEATH IN THE FAMILY. Produced by Frankie Stubbs (Leatherface).

"The end result is a truly hook-laden 10 track debut album that is complemented by an amazing production job from Frankie Stubbs of LEATHERFACE. The ringing guitars, emotion, power and melody is all there. As you'd expect, another essential purchase" - AMERICAN MUSIC PRESS (USA)

Re-Released in 2008 by Resist Records

FOR FANS OF: Leatherface, Husker Du, Lemuria, HWM, Archers Of Loaf etc


  • 01. Familiar Strangers
  • 02. Scrape
  • 03. Darling Monkey
  • 04. Somethings Out Of Tune
  • 05. Falling Like The Plague
  • 06. Sink We Swim
  • 07. Vacant
  • 08. Red Sky
  • 09. Ends Never Meet
  • 10. Gasping


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