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Vela CD

by The Schoenberg Automaton


The stunning debut album from Brisbane technical death metal group The Schoenberg Automaton. Insane technicality and tasteful songwriting that draws comparison to Ion Dissonance, Between The Buried and Me, The Faceless and Dillinger Escape Plan. Released through UK label Myriad Records in January 2013, the band is now managed by MONOLITH.


  •  01. A Stone Fae of Piety
  • 02. All Roads Lead to Rome
  • 03. The Woodhouse Sakati Syndrome
  • 04. Ghost of Mirach
  • 05. Pineapple Juice and The Tough Stuffed Olive
  • 06. Stopping A God Mid Sentence
  • 07. Arecibo
  • 08. Where Are We, In A Cube?
  • 09. The Worm Engine
  • 10. Ultimatewhirringendmachine


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