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Abraxis 12″

by Abraxis


The one man Australian Holy Terror Unit's debut album. Eight tracks of crushing hate filled hardcore inspired by Integrity, Mindsnare, Left for Dead and Ringworm, and backed by the army of The Holy Terror. The LP version of this album is limited to 110 copies on Black 165 gram vinyl, with screen printed chipboard covers, and a digital download of the entire LP, plus 2 exclusive tracks and the bands demo. Released in 2010 by Midnight Funeral.


  • 01. Introduction of The Kataklysm
  • 02. Destined to Fire
  • 03. Hunting In Sin
  • 04. Abraxas Annihilation
  • 05. I Hope To Die
  • 06. Demonation, I Am
  • 07. The Shining
  • 08. Crushing Life (The Kataklysm)


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