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Stockades 10″

by Stockades


Coming to fruition in the inner-city suburbs of Melbourne in late 2011, Stockades deliver emotionally-soaked sounds of great contrasts. Though their roots exist alongside words like hardcore and screamo, it would be a crime to classify the five piece as simply another one of those bands. Post-rock, jazz, and math-rock influences more than permeate their unique mixture, with an extreme metal-edged level of technicality giving fluidity to the band’s own joyous yet tortured sound. Having previously released a demo in 2012, and a split with Brisbane’s Nuclear Summer in January of 2013, the band’s debut EP release is available in both 10” and digital formats through MONOLITH this June.

Exclusive  t-shirt designed by Ellise Bourne printed on Earth Positive Sweatshop free material.


  • 01. Just Following Orders
  • 02. Borderlines
  • 03. Likeminded, 3011
  • 04. Something to Fill


  • 100 baby blue w/ dookie brown splatter (pre-order only)
  • 100 red w/ mustard yellow splatter
  • 50 black


All  bundles include shirts & download the 10" via Bandcamp.
Option to purchase the single 10" Record is available.

Stockades 10" Record + T-Shirt


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