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Crisis Alert 7″

by Crisis Alert


Formed in 2012 with the mindset of writing short and fast early 80’s styled hardcore songs, Adelaide’s Crisis Alert capture the raw sound and energy that was portayed by early American hardcore bands.

Although the band formed in 2012, each band member has a lot of experience under their belts, playing in many notable bands for the past 10 years. Recorded in Adelaide and mastered in California at Golden Mastering by JJ Golden, Crisis Alert’s self titled debut 7″ is out now.

Released 2012 by Resist Records


  • 01. Disconnected
  • 02. Boiling Point
  • 03. Watch You Fall
  • 04. Guilty For Violence
  • 05. Your Choice
  • 06. Thought Control
  • 07. Paranoia
  • 08. Bloodied Streets
  • 09. Frustration
  • 10. Waste Of Time
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