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Loose Screws 10″

by Extortion


Loose Screws pushes Perth band Extortion’s well-established power-violence sound to face-ripping new extremes. Recorded across three continents, the basic tracks were laid down at Polymorph Studios in Oakland, California by producer Dan Rathbun (Tragedy, His Hero is Gone, Talk Is Poison), then completed vocals in Perth at Bergerk! Studios, assisted by long-time producer Al Smith (Blkout!, Jaws, Clever Species). As one final flourish, UK-based celebrity Extortion fan, Barney Greenway of Napalm Death, added his unmistakable roar to the aptly titled ‘Grind To A Halt’. Released in January 2010 by Resist Records.


  • 01. Regrets
  • 02. Reality
  • 03. The Pessimist
  • 04. Maze
  • 05. Stare At The Sun
  • 06. Blindspot
  • 07. Kill The Lights
  • 08. Cheated
  • 09. Faulty Warning
  • 10. Degrade
  • 11. Grind To A Halt
  • 12. Socially Inept


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