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Force Fed Enlightenment CD

by A Million Dead Birds Laughing


Conceived and inspired by the unrelenting spirit of grind, AMDBL fuses dark melody and brooding insight to deliver an onslaught of uncompromising atmospheric composition, creating a unique blend of extreme themes and influences. Though we ourselves have no recollection of the event; people tell us they appeared somewhere between the beginning of the end of the world and 2008. Chosen by unseen forces to be a conduit for their ideals; to channel their message. Their existence through our songs, so that their presence may be known by all. They're here. Beneath the veil of reality. Waiting. Watching. They always have been; always will be. Behind every curtain, every door. The Unreal... The Neverborn. They want us to let them in; to let them inside us. So that they can be born; so that they can be real...


  • 01. Conduit
  • 02. Void
  • 03. Forcefed
  • 04. Edge
  • 05. Requiem
  • 06. Defiants
  • 07. Purpose
  • 08. Willow
  • 09. Oracle
  • 10. Leech
  • 11. 161
  • 12. Invader
  • 13. Agony


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